[Can ginger tea cure palace cold]_ ginger tea _ cure palace cold _ how to use

[Can ginger tea cure palace cold]_ ginger tea _ cure palace cold _ how to use

[Can ginger tea cure palace cold]_ ginger tea _ cure palace cold _ how to use

Ginger tea has a certain cold-dispelling effect, so those female friends who have cold in the palace have paid attention. They can usually drink more ginger tea. In addition, pay attention to the body’s warmth, do not eat spicy and irritating food, etc., do a good job in all aspectsCome to recuperate.

First, can Gong Han drink ginger tea? Gong Han can drink ginger tea.

Regulate Gong Han, eat less cold food.

In the traditional Chinese health regimen, women’s constitution is yin, and they cannot be greedy.

Even in the hot summer, cold drinks, iced tea, melons and other cold things should not be greedy. In spring and autumn, winter should not take cold drinks.

These cold and cold food enters the body and consumes yang, which leads to endogenous cold evil and invades the uterus.

Prepared women can do this: Eat less cold food.

There must be a standard for eating cold. Do n’t exceed too much. For example, eat ice cream no more than two a day. When you eat, you must eat hot and then eat cold. If the order is reversed, the cold air will be affected.The hot air pressed down into the uterus, causing harm.

The so-called palace cold refers to the lack of kidney yang in women, the lower abdomen swell caused by the loss of cell uterus, pain, and the relief of fever, more leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, tight pulses, thin tongue coating, and more white tongues as the main symptoms.By.

Gong Han is a disease name under the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It can’t be related to the specific name of western medicine. However, some gynecological diseases common in western medicine are chronic and chronic (such as vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, appendicitis, etc.).Dialectical treatment has also received good results in the clinic.

Second, when is the best time to treat Gonghan Brown Sugar Ginger Tea? Gonghan needs to eat some large foods, such as dog meat. If you ca n’t eat dog meat, mutton is also a good choice. Western medicine says that there is some low blood volume and nutrition.Bad, suggestions: Generally, high-nutritional substances such as beef, fish eggs, milk, and other high-protein foods are added. Therefore, in any aspect, it is recommended that you eat more meat, especially lean meat.If possible, you can take part in some exercises. Some women are susceptible to cold in the palace. 1. Women who are aborted: The abortion causes uterine damage, especially the replacement of the abortion or irregular abortion, which can cause excessive endometrial damage and cause palace cold.The fertile “soil” becomes barren, and the seeds of life are difficult to implant.

2. Patients with cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and vaginitis: gynecological inflammation can cause uterine damage, cause cold invasion, and lead to difficult cure.

3. Patients with uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts: Women with gynecological tumors will be invaded by tumor cells, and the yang qi in the body will be absorbed, leading to endogenous chills and exacerbations.

4. Infertility patients with palace cold: The reproduction of life is inseparable from an appropriate temperature. Women’s palace cold can cause blood gas to condense, which makes it difficult to survive and develop, prone to infertility, abortion and other serious consequences.

5. Women with both Qi and Blood Deficiency: Some women do not have gynecological diseases, but their hands and feet are cold as soon as the autumn and winter seasons occur, their bodies have spots and acne, their libido is reduced, and they age prematurely.

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