[Drinking honey water will cause hair loss?

[Drinking honey water will cause hair loss?

】 _Hair loss_affect

[Drinking honey water will cause hair loss?
】 _Hair loss_affect

Insomnia is a very serious problem at present. There are many reasons for insomnia. The most common reason is caused by psychological pressure. Whether it is a student or a workplace person, they will face pressure from various aspects, which will cause them to often fall asleep at night and always appear.Sleeping people can drink warm water to drink honey before going to bed. This is good for promoting sleep, so will drinking honey water often cause hair loss?

Does drinking honey water cause hair loss?
After washing my hair with honey (honey food), my head has a relaxed feeling, no itching, no dandruff, no hair loss, and the hair is shiny and soft like oil (oily food).

The method is: add 10-20g of honey to your hands, rub it on your hair, then knead slowly. When you can’t move, put in an appropriate amount of clean water and continue kneading. After repeated several times, the honey is evenly spread on theLeave it on the hair for about 1 hour (hours) and rinse it off with water.

Benefits of drinking honey on an empty stomach in the morning: preventing constipation, nourishing the skin, and longevity. Guidance: Disadvantages: Drinking honey water on an empty stomach can easily increase acidity in the body. Over time, you will have too much stomach acid and get gastric or duodenal ulcers.

It is recommended to take 1 after a meal.

Drink honey water after 5-2 hours.

Note: If you have a bad stomach, it is best to drink it with 30 degrees of water, otherwise it is easy to cause diarrhea, gastroenteritis and other Chinese medicine saying: “Chao Chao saline, Wan Wan Mi Tang”.

What it means is: get up early every day and drink light saline on an empty stomach, and drink honey water every night before going to bed.

The reason for this is: drinking light saline in the morning can replace the blood that feels very sticky, and it can reduce the inflammation, and moisten the stomach and stools; drinking honey water at night can help beauty and beauty, and supplement various trace elements.

Therefore, a more scientific approach is to leave the honey water to drink at night, and get up in the morning to drink salt water.

Of course, some people have difficult bowel movements, so getting up early and drinking honey water will help defecation, depending on individual physical conditions.

Personally recommended alternative: Drink a glass of hot milk with a spoonful of honey every night before going to bed.

Taking salt water or honey water in the morning usually helps to improve bowel movements.

Suggestions: It is generally not a normal situation for the stool to travel for many days. Generally, it is caused by digestive disorders. It is recommended to use medication to improve dietary habits, drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid contact with spicy stimuli and greasy fish.Fishy food, develop the habit of squatting every day, if necessary, you can use lactulose oral solution and live Bacillus cereus capsules and Ma Ren Zipi pills to relieve it if necessary.

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